Norwich: Crayfish dumped in Taverham woods

Norwich: Crayfish dumped in Taverham woods
Norwich: Crayfish dumped in Taverham woods

2:46 PM September 26, 2022

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2:51 PM September 26, 2022

Droves of useless shellfish have been discovered ditched in a metropolis wooden following warnings in regards to the invasive species. 

Aneta Nowak, 40, was strolling her canine by the woodlands surrounding Taverham on September 19 when she got here throughout crayfish scattered over the footpath.

That they had been dumped miles from a water supply – simply north of Reepham Street – leading to “piles” of useless shellfish. 

In current months it has turn into obvious that invasive American crayfish are inflicting issues for Norfolk’s native wildlife.  

Aneta Nowak

The dumped crayfish have been recognized as invasive sign crayfish

– Credit score: Aneta Nowak

Aneta stated: “I only saw a few as I was too upset to go any further into the woods, but my husband also saw a pile of dead ones. 

“There were so many that you had to be careful not to step on them and there is no water source nearby which is why I was so upset they had just been dumped there.” 

Aneta added she did not know these had been an invasive species however including that dumping them in a woodland “is not the right way to deal with them regardless”.

She stated: “Seeing crayfish dumped within the woods so distant from a water supply was horrible – there have been just a few that had been nonetheless alive however they had been shifting so slowly. That they had no extra power.

Aneta Nowak

A number of the crayfish had been nonetheless alive and had been seen to be struggling on the woodland ground

– Credit score: Aneta Nowak

“It was a sad sight.” 

Norfolk Wildlife Rescue founder Kevin Murphy recognized the crayfish as sign crayfish that are the non-native species present in Norfolk rivers.  

He stated: “I don’t agree with the abandoning of any species for any purpose. 

“Non-native crayfish need to be handed over to the correct authorities or a rescue service such as myself.” 

He says this horrific scene could possibly be all the way down to unlawful crayfishing which is an issue in Norfolk – or that somebody has caught a big quantity with no set plan for after seize.  

He stated: “Dumping of any animal will cause stress and suffering because there is no water source or food. 

“It could also spread disease to the local environment – regardless of an animal’s legal status or origins they still deserve compassion and respect.” 

Aneta Nowak

Aneta Nowak, 40, was too upset to stroll additional into the woods as her husband warned her of piles of useless crayfish

– Credit score: Aneta Nowak


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