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Your Harlow
Your Harlow

Dear Editor,

THERE are many reports from very distressed owners of injured dogs on local Facebook groups like “Harlow Pets Lost and Found ” and others over the last few months. These indicate that they and their dogs are being subjected to serious attacks from dogs let off their leads by owners who have no control over their own dogs.

Attacks are becoming more and more frequent. It’s clear that not only does this pose a serious risk to dogs and their owners but to others like children who may endeavour to intervene or run when approached by free dogs in attack or pack mode.

There’s also the indication that the same owners who have no control repeat the behaviour again and again. Prevention is better than cure.

Might it be possible for the Council to make it compulsory that dogs are kept on leads in parks and other public green areas within the town? 

Those wishing to let their dogs off their leads might then use designated areas in the surrounding countryside. 

Let’s not, as with many safety issues wait until the worst has happened before acting.

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