Woman horrified by rescue dog’s ’embarrassing’ name after sister names it

Woman horrified by rescue dog’s ’embarrassing’ name after sister names it
Woman horrified by rescue dog’s ’embarrassing’ name after sister names it

The family let their five-year-old pick out a name for their new dog – and decided to keep it despite it possibly raising a few eyebrows amongst other dog walkers in the park

Her sister named the dog Glitter Fairy
Her sister named the dog Glitter Fairy

Picking out a dog’s name is challenges as there’s so many to choose from.

While most people opt for a classic such as Buddy, Bella or Benji, others try to come up with something more ‘outside the box’.

However, this can result in some rather unusual names, especially when owners let their young children pick them out.

Venting to Reddit, a woman in her mid 20s has explained how she is too embarrassed to call her family dog in public because of what her five-year-old step sister named her.

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She is embarrassed to call the dog’s name in public


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She said: “My parents just adopted a dog from a rescue shelter – she’s a three-year-old crossbreed.

“She was tied to the shelter’s fence and so the team there gave her a name because they didn’t have any background on her.

“She was only there about two or three months so she didn’t really learn her name – my parents were told they could change it.”

Although the rescue dog came with the name Luna, as picked out by the shelter, the family let their five-year-old daughter choose a new one.

“I didn’t think this would be a problem – I thought it would be cute to involve her in this way,” she added.

“So the shelter called her Luna but my little sister changed this to Glitter Fairy.”

Shocked that her dad allowed this name, the woman joked about how “crazy” she’ll look when shouting after Glitter Fairy in the park.

She can see the funny side to her family dog’s new name


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She added: “I can see how a five-year-old came up with this and I am shocked that my dad has allowed it!

“He wouldn’t have allowed me to call a dog Glitter Fairy when I was five.

“My step mum was saying how we can call her Glitz for short, although I’m not sure if that’s any better to be honest.

“It’s funny but so embarrassing! The only thing that makes it better is just how cute Glitter Fairy actually is.”

While most users laughed about the situation, other shared their dogs’ unusual names, saying they make great ice breakers in the park.

One user said: “My husband’s little sister had a poodle named expi – short for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Another added: “That is funny. It will be a good conversation starter.

“I think it is a good idea to yell out whatever name you plan to use a few times.

“I knew a guy who named his three dogs Thunder, Fire, and Lightning.

“So he would just let them run loose and run around the park screaming Thunder, Fire, Lightning. I can only imagine what people think.”

A third said: “That is a fantastic dog name. I love the weird names kids make for pets.

“My family has a cat named Awesome Claws. My seven-year-old cousin named her. You just have to lean into it.

“Yup this is Glitter Fairy, the one and only. Would be even better if it was like a big chunky bulldog or great dane.”

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