Adorable dogs’ desperate mission to rescue toy puppy from evil vacuum cleaner

Adorable dogs’ desperate mission to rescue toy puppy from evil vacuum cleaner
Adorable dogs’ desperate mission to rescue toy puppy from evil vacuum cleaner

Brave dog siblings, Charlie and Esme, have melted hearts online after they worked together to try and save their beloved stuffed teddy from being eaten by the dreaded vacuum cleaner

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Dogs rescue stuffed toy from vacuum cleaner in California

They say you should never leave a man behind – and the saying rings true for this determined doggy duo.

Brave dog siblings Charlie and Esme battled their biggest fear – the vacuum cleaner – to save their favourite puppy teddy from potential destruction.

In the viral video, which has been viewed more than 6.7 million times online, the shih tzu terrier mixes can be seen dragging their stuffed toy to safety under the bed.

Owner Darla Sanchez, from California, US, said: “This happens every time I vacuum, they will rescue anything from it. But they are trained to release, if not I would never finish cleaning.”

Charlie and Esme refused to leave their toy behind



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Esme, eight, and Charlie, seven, can be seen in the clip working together as the vacuum gets closer and closer to their toy.

One pup appears to lunge and bark at the machine in a distraction attempt, while the other grabs the toy by the ears and drags it to a safe place.

The duo then both bite and pull the toy back even further, taking it completely under the bed, far away from the loud vacuum.

The pair have melted hearts online and been praised for their “impeccable teamwork”.

One user commented: “That was a life or death mission. Execution was flawless.” while another said: “They legit had a whole tactical plan.”

It was a very close call for the little teddy



Dog lovers are also enjoying another viral video online this week, after a crafty owner shared her under stairs transformation.

Liz Greenwalt, 28, from Phoenix, Arizona, US, spent two weeks renovating her empty cupboard to give her golden retrievers, Cali and Kona, their own private bedroom.

The registered nurse plastered the walls, laid the flooring and painted everything white, then finished it off with palm tree patterned wallpaper.

The bright and spacious room was complete with a doggy water bowl and large comfy bed.

Liz said: “My older dog, Cali, goes in there when she gets sick of the three-month-old puppy.”

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