Wordle Clone Dogsdle is About Guessing Dog Breeds

Wordle Clone Dogsdle is About Guessing Dog Breeds
Wordle Clone Dogsdle is About Guessing Dog Breeds

The daily word puzzle game Wordle get a new clone known as Dogsdle that challenges players to guess a specific dog breed.

The internet has been obsessed with the free browser puzzle game Wordle for the first few months of the year. The enjoyability of this game comes from its simplicity, where players are given a five-letter word to solve daily, with only six attempts to get it right. Players have to utilize whatever letters or context provided from the guesses to find the correct word for the Wordle puzzle. Whether they succeed or fail will result in the game being over, and being unable to play another one until the following day.


Due to the game’s simplicity and speedy games, Wordle lends itself to having a number of clones and imitators. These have popped up all over the web, with these usually being created by independent programmers with a variety of gameplay styles or subjects. These include Wordle puzzles about Fortnite, to a clone that can have players trying to guess 25-letter words. One of these newest clones feature players guessing dog breeds.

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This is part of a website that contain a number of Wordle clones, that cover a wide variety of subjects for players to tackle. This clone, known as Dogsdle, had players getting a chance to test their knowledge on dog breeds. The usual gameplay of Dogsdle is slightly different from the normal Wordle however, offering a different kind of challenge.

Dogsdle gives players a silhouette of a dog, which gives them a slight idea of what it could be. From there, when a player types in the box for guessing, there will be a number of guesses that will be available to select. Upon clicking their guess, they’ll be given a number of context clues for them to extrapolate the guess from, including size, shed pattern, grooming, coat type, activity, age, and even their country of origin. This Wordle clone gives players eight tries for the correct dog breed, with each context clue that is correct being highlighted green.

Ardent dog lovers could likely guess from the image alone, while less dog-knowledgeable enthusiasts will likely take a few tries. If players want more challenges to test their knowledge aside from just dogs, GamesWordle also provides a number of alternative playable subjects. These Wordle clones include puzzles about comic books, beer, manga, and even emojis bizarrely enough. These all have their own stat trackers as well as ways to play.

Wordle is now available for free on the game’s official website.

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