‘Savage’ Bengal Cat Loves Meals So A lot He Has To Be Fenced In at Meal Instances

‘Savage’ Bengal Cat Loves Meals So A lot He Has To Be Fenced In at Meal Instances
‘Savage’ Bengal Cat Loves Meals So A lot He Has To Be Fenced In at Meal Instances

Any cat proprietor will inform you that felines are food-motivated creatures. From stealing muffins off counter tops to anxiously watching the clock till dinnertime, there is a purpose that 55 % of grownup cats within the U.S. are obese.

One cat’s love of meals is so aggressive that he must be fenced in at meal occasions. TikToker ysnxs.exe shared a video of his cat Kenji ambushing a plate of uncooked hen, which customers described as “wild.”

Within the brief clip shared on June 10, the Bengal cat will be seen speeding over to his meal of uncooked hen, knocking the bowl flying as he dives on the meat. He then runs away along with his prize, leaving remnants scattered throughout the ground.

Nevertheless, he is not performed but, and shortly returns to launch a second assault on the scraps, headbutting his wood feeding station within the course of. This onslaught all takes place in a selfmade feeding cage created to cease Kenji from stealing meals from their different cat.


Chill bro, it’s all yours 😂 and for these questioning I’ve a fence for feeding time as a result of I’ve 2 cats and this one will eat the opposite one’s meals. Apart from that my cats roam free all through the home (: #cat #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound – ysnxs

Within the caption accompanying his publish, ysnxs.exe defined: “For those wondering I have a fence for feeding time, [it’s] because I have two cats and this one will eat the other one’s food.”

Customers could not get sufficient of the “savage” beast, with the publish receiving over 4 million views, greater than 433,000 likes and almost 6,500 feedback.

“A bit aggressive don’t cha think,” mentioned jamielolyxo.

“oh jeez came in like a damn wrecking ball,” wrote Snow Lovelace.

“Chill bro it ain’t running away,” commented Yodaxuno.

Whereas Haylee Frueh needed to know “why do cats act like we feed them once a year.”

A world examine performed in 2020 explored the dietary advantages and downsides of a uncooked meals weight loss plan for pets. Printed within the journal Vet Document, researchers explored the apply of uncooked meals diets in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada and the U.Okay.

Utilizing examine information from the 5 English-speaking international locations between 2008 and 2018, they discovered a rise in pet house owners feeding their animals uncooked meals throughout the decade, usually mixed with extra “conventional” choices reminiscent of dry meals and kibble. Researchers additionally discovered a hyperlink to dietary deficiencies in pets surviving solely on uncooked meals or selfmade meals merchandise, in addition to recognized an additional risk of illness attributable to dangerous micro organism reminiscent of salmonella and E.coli.

Nevertheless, proponents of the uncooked meals or BARF weight loss plan—which stands for biologically acceptable uncooked meals—say that swapping moist and dry meals for uncooked meat will help cats to shed weight and improve digestibility, however to this point there are not any research to again the well being advantages of uncooked meals for pets, so long as the animal is being fed high-quality and nutritionally-appropriate typical choices.

Nonetheless, Kenji appears to be enjoying his chicken. Customers agreed, with kris.retains.it.actual commenting: “Cats eating raw meat is so wild lmaoooooo.”

“Bengal life!!!! ours was a savage for raw meat,” mentioned LunaTheGoddess.

“I’m no expert…but I think they like it,” joked Kaitlyn Blanchard5.

Person Celeste needed extra info on the selfmade feeding cage, asking: “I need to know more about the fence! My cats will steal each others food too.”

To which ysnxs.exe replied: “It’s a baby fence of some sort. I found two at goodwill and stacked one of top of the other.”

Different customers discovered Kenji’s fondness for meals oddly relatable.

“Me when I see garlic bread,” mentioned NoEka_OnlyZuul.

“My child when I restock the snacks,” joked ravenblackbull7.

“[Doesn’t] everyone act like this with food?” wrote roisinsmart.

Newsweek has reached out to ysnxs.exe for remark.

'Savage' Cat Fenced in for Mealtimes
A inventory picture of a Bengal cat eyeing up a plate of sausages, TikTok customers described Kenji’s fondness for uncooked hen as “savage” and “wild.”
Svetlana Sultanaeva/iStock/Getty Pictures Plus

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