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Is it merciless to maintain your cat indoors? - Dog Grooming News for dogs groomers and pet owners

Is it merciless to maintain your cat indoors?

Is it merciless to maintain your cat indoors?
Is it merciless to maintain your cat indoors?

Or can cats reside inside and be walked on a leash like canines?

“Most cats are probably better off being able to go outside, but not all of them,” Bjarne Braastad tells sciencenorway.no. He’s a retired professor in ethology, the research of animal behaviour, on the Norwegian College of Life Sciences (NMBU).

In response to Braastad not all cats need to be exterior. If the cat has solely ever lived inside from when it was a tiny kitten, then it will be completely advantageous for it to reside inside for the remainder of its life additionally.

“Breed cats such as Ragdolls and Persians are fairly typical indoor cats, but if they first get used to being outside, they can thrive there too,” the professor says.

If you’re seeking to undertake a cat that has beforehand been allowed to roam freely outside, you’ll most likely should let it proceed to go exterior as soon as it’s moved in with you.

“It is animal cruelty not to let them do what they like. They are used to being outside, hunting mice and warming their fur in the sun,” Braastad says.

<span class="italic lazyload" data-lab-italic_desktop="italic">Ragdoll</span> is a typical indoor cat breed. The photo shows two Ragdolls sitting in their cat tree.

Ragdoll is a typical indoor cat breed. The photograph reveals two Ragdolls sitting of their cat tree.

“Cats are not like dogs”

When you get a kitten, it will possibly reside a wonderfully good life indoors, however it’s advantageous if you happen to let your cat go exterior.

A cat that freely roams exterior can discover the neighbourhood, hunt for mice and bugs, and likewise meet different cats.

“If you live in a place with dangerous traffic conditions or you don’t want your cat to hunt mice and birds, then you can train your cat to walk on a leash,” Braastad says.

This offers your cat the chance to discover and sniff round because it fits them.

“But you have to remember that cats are not like dogs, and you as the owner have to follow your cat’s pace. You might even end up in some bushes and thickets,” the professor laughs.

Indoor actions

So it’s really potential to have a cat that may thrive indoors. However how is that this potential?

“It’s important to let your cat be active. You can set up cat trees so they can climb, which can also be used as a scratching post for their claws. They thrive off the ground,” Braastad says.

In response to the professor, if you happen to typically go away your cat alone for greater than 11-12 hours, then it’s best to think about getting two cats as an alternative of 1.

So is your cat higher off indoors or exterior? The reply is kind of easy: it depends upon what your cat is used to. Cats can have a very good life each indoors and out of doors.

“It is possible to teach your cat to walk on a leash and travel on public transport. If you do that, your cat will be very easy to deal with too,” Braastad factors out.

Indoor cats can even take pleasure in a life the place they’ll stroll on the balcony, so long as you could have ensured that it can’t escape or fall from it.


Translated by Alette Bjordal Gjellesvik.

Learn the Norwegian model of this text on ung.forskning.no


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