Cat murdered in Dover: $500 reward supplied for info resulting in an arrest

Cat murdered in Dover: 0 reward supplied for info resulting in an arrest
Cat murdered in Dover: 0 reward supplied for info resulting in an arrest

DOVER, Del. – A $500 reward has been supplied for info resulting in the arrest of an unknown suspect who beat a cat to demise with a damaged shovel deal with in Dover. The cat’s proprietor is now talking out, pleading with the general public to assist deliver the assassin to justice.

John Forbes, of Dover, is beside himself after studying that his seven-year-old pet cat Willa was murdered final week, having been beat to demise with the damaged deal with of a shovel close to his property off West Denneys Highway.

“She did not deserve a violent death like this from a deranged individual,” Forbes mentioned somberly. “It’s just devastating. She was such a loving pet, we had her since she was a kitten, she was born here.”

Willa was killed someday between the nighttime hours on Monday, August 8 and the early morning hours on Tuesday, August 9. Her physique was discovered Tuesday night by a girl who cares for the native feral cat inhabitants close to Forbes’ residence the place Willa was recognized to frequent as she was an indoor-outdoor cat.

Cat murdered in Dover: 0 reward supplied for info resulting in an arrest

The damaged deal with of a shovel that was used to homicide Willa, which was discovered on prime of her lifeless physique. (Photograph supplied by John Forbes)

“The property adjoining mine has a feral cat population that was being cared for by quite a few different people, and since my property was adjoining, my cat would go back there to visit,” Forbes mentioned. “Apparently, this person (referencing the suspect who killed his cat) decided they were going to go back there and injure or kill a cat.”

Forbes believes it was Willa’s form nature that in the end did her in, because the feral cats she hung with doubtless ran when the suspect approached, however Willa was domesticated and had no concern of people.

“She was so friendly, she probably ran right to him,” Forbes mentioned. “And then he beat her to death with a broken shovel handle, it was still laying on top of her body. She walked to her death, thinking she was probably going to get pet or fed.”

Forbes says he and others do not know who might have executed this, however {that a} $500 reward is being supplied for info resulting in the arrest of the person accountable.

“I hope justice is served,” Forbes mentioned. “There’s currently a $500 reward, that’s a nice piece of change, it could pay for a lot of things, if someone has heard something. People like this that do this type of despicable killing, they like to brag, somebody will end up hearing something.”

Individuals who kill animals indiscriminately are sometimes occasions seen as pre-psychopaths, in response to Forbes who mentioned this makes what occurred to Willa all of the extra regarding and that it’s essential this particular person is discovered and dropped at justice.

“As they say, most serial killers start out abusing animals,” Forbes mentioned. “It’s just terrible. She was such a sweetheart, everybody loved her.”

As talked about, a $500 reward has been supplied for info resulting in an arrest of the suspect accountable. Those that can present additional info on Willa’s homicide are urged to name (302) 943-9171 because it pertains to the reward.

47 ABC Information reached out to Delaware Workplace of Animal Welfare who’s conscious of the incident and is investigating. They urge anybody with any info pertinent to the investigation to name Delaware Animal Providers at 302-255-4646.


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